Toowoomba Under Attack!
A Conspiracy Of Interests Foments Anti-Australian Racism ; Political-police, Perverts And Pimps Unleashed To Impose The African Refugee Madness On Another Australian City

John Pell, Dr. Jim Saleam, Val Hale

Toowoomba has been targeted for a crazy social experiment. This experiment is to be imposed by compulsion and policed by prosecution, smear and intimidation.

Toowoomba is to be the subject of a colonisation by African ‘refugees’ drawn chiefly from Sudan.

This great Queensland country city is being attacked by a specialised minority of white Australian activists who serve corporate interests. As we shall see, they do it in a sneaky sort of way – by portraying themselves as moral crusaders, fair-minded people assisting others in distress and the new arbiters of a colour-blind faith in racial diversity. This minority is called ‘liberals’. It is part of the globalist movement and its activists serve as the main ideologists and community level fighters to abolish borders, nationalities and identities.

The authors of this expose have human sympathy for the African group in the middle of an Australian political-cultural dispute over both the very definition of Australia and Australian - and the survival of European people and culture on this Continent. We bear the Africans in general - no malice. However, the solution to their problems, as the great Arthur Calwell said of the problems of Asians in Asia years ago, is not their emigration to the Great South Land, but energetic effort in their own country or countries to overcome the wrongs existing there. The United Nations and the Organisation of African Unity, with support from Australia, can fix this problem.

The supposed supporters of African immigration in Toowoomba have another agenda for these people. We urge the refugees to return to Africa now. But we know this will not occur, other than in the case of a few individuals. The pressure from the liberal minority and the state agencies to enforce the policy is too great. For the next 15 years or so, we must as Australians, endure the fruits of a policy, until we are in a position to change it.

The ‘Refugees' Arrive: The Agents For Change

The advent of a community of Sudanese refugees (sic) in Toowoomba did not drop from the sky. So-called refugees or ’asylum seekers’ from a number of countries have been dropped into cities as diverse as Young, Griffith, Newcastle, Shepparton, Tatura, Warnambool, Albany, Kilcoy and Dubbo as cheap labour; most recently, in Charleville, contract labour from Vietnam arrived in an obviously related process. So also, in Murray Bridge and Albany has this blight appeared to threaten Australian workers. It is all an act of social engineering. Often the ‘asylum seekers’ quickly join the ranks of the regular contract labour. This year, some 15,000 such people will arrive in Australia

These African people drawn from troubled countries arrive to welfare, houses, sometimes jobs, support networks, legal assistance and cash grants.

We are loath to call these people refugees or asylum seekers, the buzz words of the anti-Australians whom this pamphlet exposes. Some may have sad life-experiences to recount, but we are not swayed to a false position. This is nothing concerned with having a big heart; rather it is about using our brains.

As we have said above in general terms, these arrivals are new colonists. Their role is to ‘diversify ’Australia beyond recognition, to further social disintegration, to complicate every public issue of population policy. They are battering rams of the change that will, unless reversed, see Australia lost as a European country and repositioned as part of an Asian trade-zone. Because of this, we must see through the moral propaganda that swirls around them. The matter is not a moral question and we reject the intervention of the would-be moralists, especially those with a religious bent.

The Catholic Leader newspaper has been reporting on this Toowoomba affair from the start. It has showed that the attack upon the Australian people has the support of the Catholic Church hierarchy and therefore – the Church itself can be regarded as a legitimate ‘target’ for dissent within - and for criticism from without. Nonetheless, we can thank this traitor newspaper for its information and we précis a report here.

The reader needs to understand that in the past three years Toowoomba has experienced a 500 per cent jump in the number of resettled refugees, the majority of them from Southern Sudan. They joined an increasing number of migrants from Middle East and South America settling in the region via the Federal Government’s Skilled Independent Regional (SIR) Visa, which allows skilled migrants, willing to commit three years to regional areas, to gain permanent entry to Australia.

Toowoomba City Council is actively assisting refugee and migrant families with settlement, skills matching and employment – and we will be looking closely at the squandering of the people’s resources.

Catholic parishes also help these families adjust to their new surroundings and overcome language and cultural barriers. About 160 refugee children are enrolled in Catholic schools at low or no fees and parents, parish members and Knights of the Southern Cross, are helping them with transport and accommodation, among other needs. St Anthony’s, Toowoomba is one such parish.

The Sudanese Catholic community has become actively involved in ministries in the parish. We would expect nothing less. As the old religion weakens in its numbers amongst the Australian people, congregations are made up – with aliens.

Not only the Catholic community has engaged in refugee support. Many other Church groups and organizations have also become involved. Co-operation in the region between organizations involved in refugee support, including Lifeline, Anglicare, St Vincent de Paul and Mercy Family Services has been noted.

Toowoomba Catholic Social Justice Commission executive officer Mark Copland falsely claimed to Catholic Leader that, on the whole, the community of Toowoomba had embraced the Sudanese community. He was naturally referring to ‘official Toowoomba’ and not to the people. Mr. Copland said the Social Justice Commission has also been a part of advocacy to educate and change the practices of social service providers. This means making them more adaptive to the requirements of the recolonization. He said: ‘Three years ago hospitals, police and schools didn’t need to work with a great number of interpreters - and there is still a resistance to change in some quarters.’

Copland said it was also a structural issue.

‘We welcome the influx of newly arrived people but believe that there should be better support from the Federal Government.

‘It is one thing to prioritise regional areas as places for refugee resettlement - but there also needs to be support to state agencies in the areas of health, education andpolicing.’

He said the majority of refugees resettled in Toowoomba are proposed and supported by other family members or friends. Indeed so, the pool is limitless.

Many have worked two or three jobs, meat packing, fruit picking or farm work, to raise money for airfares and health checks for family members still in African camps.

One place they can now go for support is the Toowoomba Refugee and Migrant Support Centre (TRAMS), which opened in June. Parents can drop in and link with services such as Centrelink, housing advocacy and health care, while their children play and interact with volunteers.

The centre also offers a range of support services, including free English classes, homework tutoring, assistance finding accommodation, filling out forms, links with legal and social services and educating sectors such as real estate agents in how to deal with newly arrived refugees.

Copland said to his Catholic friends that the challenges were “immense” for both communities, but it would make Toowoomba “an even better place to live”. Really?

We can see the depth of the commitment of this church group in this psychosis. We may note at this point too the Rural Australians For Refugees which has also bobbed up in the Toowoomba debate and has connections to Mr. Copland. This group, founded by a lesbian ‘couple’ in Bowral, takes in clergy, social workers, teachers, retiree city-liberals and calls the membership - ‘Rural Australians’. Not likely. But this is a game of propaganda and we must ask the Catholic Church whether it condones the ‘moral quality’ of the group?

Toowoomba People Resist

The emergence of a Toowoomba people’s resistance to the de facto invasion of their city, took the City establishment by surprise. The resistance took many forms. There were pub discussions, anonymous leaflets, letters to the paper, passive dissent. This has occurred everywhere the multiculti dictators have sought to impose the refugee-invasion of country Australia and Toowoomba was no exception. Aboriginal people used violence on some occasions, but this cannot be condoned, even if Aboriginal anger can be understood.

The City Council has also hit another snag which has produced dissent: water supplies. It is no little wonder that a campaign has started up to “recycle water” in Toowoomba, to treat effluent and other waste-water. Without water, nothing can “develop” in Toowoomba. To increase population leads nowhere. Is the campaign to recycle water linked to refugee colonization? Obviously, it is. People in Toowoomba have disputed the Council’s scheme. We see this questioning of alleged ‘expertise’ too with the opposition to the campaigns of Richard Pratt to sell the idea of irrigating parts of Australia with recycled and pumped-in water. It is all about the ‘fifty millions for Australia plan' so-beloved of the capitalists. Scientists and other have challenged this scheme as environmentally impossible.

The following media piece is useful:

“As a sign of things to come The Courier-Mail in Brisbane reported late in January that local government water charges could rise by up to $185 a year per ratepayer under a $3 billion emergency water package announced by the Queensland Government.

SEQ Water has blamed an "unpredictable climate shift" on dams drying up, but The Courier-Mail observed, "the situation is made more critical by the fact that, by 2026, the population of southeast Queensland is expected to top 3.7 million, more than twice the population in 1985".

Of course, the water shortage has everything to do with population growth, and very little to do with climate shift - what has happened there is lower-than-average rainfall over the past five years in the main catchment areas, but that is not unusual in Australia and communities can generally ride through it, unless their populations are going haywire.

Southeast Queensland is the fastest-growing region. In the 1950s the old Coast was a sleepy village of fibro holiday homes and there was all the ater the population could ever need. Now, the State Government has announced it will fund about $2 billion in new water infrastructure, but insists that another $1 billion will have to come from water users.

Ultimately, said Queensland Natural Resources Minister Henry Palazcuzuk, higher water charges will occur. The Southeast Queensland branch of Sustainable Population Australia commented that the need for the community to contribute to the $3 billion package was a simple but clear sign that southeast : Queensland's growth was not paying for itself.

"Three billion dollars is a very significant amount of public funds to be diverted away from important infrastructure and services such as hospitals, transport infrastructure, police and protection of open space and bushland simply to accommodate more growth," said the branch's president, Mr Simon Baltais. "We call upon all levels of government to recognise that there are limits to growth, and to keep development within the carrying capacity of our region."

Population pressures on Australia's water resources are showing at a national level. The key findings of the Federal Government's State of the Environment Report, published in 2001, and available on the Department of Environment and Heritage website are that "increasing pressures to extract surface and groundwater for human use are leading to continuing deterioration of the health of water bodies".

Surface water quality has deteriorated further in many areas because of increasing salinity. Difficulties of managing water resources across state borders continue to hamper effective management, the report stated:

About 26 per cent of Australia's surface water management areas are close to, or have exceeded, sustainable extraction limits. Water use has increased from 1985 to 1996/7 by 65 per cent and water is overused in some regions. Water extracted for irrigation has increased by 76 per cent from 1985 to 1996/7.

The increase in salinity in the Murray-Darling Basin and other areas is causing water quality decline and land degradation. River water in several catchments is predicted to have salinity levels that will exceed drinking water guidelines within the next 20 years.

Although it is difficult to determine, the frequency, size and persistence of harmful algal blooms in inland waters seems to have increased over the past 50 years. Algal blooms in dams cost farmers more than $30 million per year, and in rivers, storage and irrigation channels about $15 million per year.

As former NSW Premier Bob Carr observed in a newspaper article "the Doomsday Millennium" on the first day of 2000, "Population growth, of course, is the factor that drives or multiplies or accelerates global warming. And deforestation and loss of groundwater and every other indicator of environmental damage".

The mass recolonization of Australia lunacy has met with strong resistance everywhere.

The Toowoomba people were magnificent in their resistance. Despite media lies, they have not targeted the ‘refugees’ for violence, but have roundly criticized the state agencies and their helpers. Aboriginal people have also been critical of the new immigration and there have been ‘incidents’ between the two groups.

However, this will be a long struggle and requires at every step, consistent oppositional organization. Once it became clear that this might develop, it was automatic that the embryonic resistance would find the heat applied to it!

The Media Propagandist / Liar Greg Roberts Vents His Spleen With ‘Neo-Nazis’, Race Hate And Alleged Violence

It happened that a certain local group of ordinary working Australians in Toowoomba had come together to discuss issues of race and immigration. These patriots concerned at the rural influx of migrants and the effect on water, infrastructure, health, crime and cultural variations, voiced their displeasure to the people of Toowoomba. As reported by local media sources, some of these people, who had adopted the name ‘White Pride Coalition’, were wicked and evil.

But the pro-refugee lobby wanted any resistance to the new order in Toowoomba cut short. It is an old trick of the multiculti establishment that any and all resistance to the destruction of Australia as a European society is said to be connected to neo-nazism and/or white supremacism, hatred and racism. This trick is universally imposed.

Greg Roberts who writes for The Australian, together with Toowoomba’s own newspaper, The Chronicle decided to report stories involving absurd claims of racial violence, neo-nazis, secret cells and community fear in the Toowoomba region.

Greg Roberts has been described by The Australian as their expert in the field of the so-called ‘right-wing’ in Australia. Jim Saleam (Australia First co-ordinator in New South Wales) considers Roberts to be a fraud:

Roberts then went on to foment a story that Kluxers were terrorizing Aborigines in the Casino area of northern New South Wales.

Jim Saleam added:

So when the liemonger Roberts looked at Toowoomba, he needed a focus, a target; he needed "Mr. Hate".

As we shall see below, Roberts apparently found support from various persons and in The Chronicle, for his intelligence gathering effort against patriots of Toowoomba. Stigmatizing a local man as "Mr. Hate" was necessary vilification for the success of the overall campaign of lying and propaganda in Toowoomba. For legal reasons we will not name this man here or say too much. It is said a case may be brewing for defamation.

As we can now see, some journalists ‘privatise’, their liemongering. They allow ‘outside activists’ to write the fiction which they can then ‘quote’ as the opinion of others. In creating this shadow struggle, they permit a legitimate cause to be harassed by a phantom disinformation group and quote each ‘equally’ against the other. This is clever stuff which points to a guiding hand – somewhere – who can discern the problem strategically. This has obviously occurred in the Toowoomba struggle and has been happening elsewhere. Let us look at the most obvious example.

A Testicles’ Shaver Makes His Mark: Matt Henderson’s Network Starts The Hatemongering Against Australians.

Matthew Henderson of Sydney (‘Darp’ as he calls himself in cyberspace) is a first rate mental case. Our colourful heading should not be read other than literally (as we shall reveal below)!!!

A supposed expert in the struggle against ‘racism’ in Australia, Sydney based Henderson was enlisted by the Toowoomba Chronicle to give his ‘expert’ opinion on events regarding the Sudanese Community in 2005. On the ‘Fight Dem Back’ web site – (hereafter ‘FDB’) they claim Henderson is a leader in the fight against those organized groups that challenge the multiculti fairy-land. Puffed up in importance, Henderson can speak out. Henderson spent a lot of time trowling for information on the Toowoomba ‘racists’, trying to identify individuals and smear them with neo-nazism.

Henderson (alias Darp) founded ‘Fight Dem Back’ in 2004 in response to the activities of the Patriotic Youth League (PYL) and has operated thereafter against the Australia First Party (AFP) and other groups. In July 2005, he was reported in The Australian Jewish News in a favourable way. It was said that he had the support of Jewish professionals in his anti-racism fight. We are sure he does, with the assistance of the dissemblers and propagandists at the Anti-Defamation Commission and The Review sure to be provided. Of late, Henderson may have acquired further help in the form of one David Greason, a one-time mental patient who is often regarded as an ‘expert’ in the affairs of the so-called ‘extreme-right’ in Australia. Exposed as a plagiarist also, Greason’s unreliability has been covered over by the aforementioned Jewish organizations for whom he has worked – and may still work. Indeed, Greason was an editor at The Review, his biggest stuff-up being the publication of 1700 names and addresses of One Nation members in the pages of that magazine. In 1998. Greason went into semi-retirement. But now he’s back, writing as “Mathew Collins” in The Review and giving media interviews about ‘racist groups’ in Australia. If Greason takes over part of the operation of the mentally challenged ‘Darp’, we can expect the FDB to try to become a more ‘intelligence-driven operation’, with wider distribution of its smears, in-depth smears and attempts to get the extreme-left into line as activists against patriotic groups. That has always been Greason’s preferred method.

Of late, Henderson has been quoted by The Australian and other newspapers as some sort of expert. Indeed, he has striven to create a sort of cyber-intelligence network that searches the Internet for data on people or calls upon persons to supply information. As best they can (the group usually finds it difficult to understand the ideologies of the various forces on ‘the Right’ in Australia, the information is then displayed or passed around covertly. Henderson has claimed he wanted to copy Britain’s Searchlight magazine, a magazine and a network denounced by some ‘sincere’ anti-racists in that country as a set-up of the MI-5, the Special Branch and the Board of Deputies of British Jews. This magazine involves activists who invent lies against patriotic people, break into houses, organize assaults and provide intelligence data for smear. That Henderson has said openly he wishes to be like Searchlight is ominous and with Greason sniffing about, it may move in this direction.

But Henderson is at all points a freak. Before he became a self-generating- famous-person, Henderson courted perversion. He openly boasts on his blog site going to the toilets at Sydney’s Hillsong Church and shaving his testicles. He published a photograph: “I shave my balls and I vote”. Such an old smoothie! He hates ‘fat’ people, particularly overweight girls and says he has assaulted them; he loves dope and gay bars and once wrote that journalist, Miranda Devine, should be poisoned and the Foreign Minister – killed! If we did any such threats, we’d be in the gaol forthwith. He fantasized on-line about masturbating into a salad and having the Prime Minister eat it.

A special web page about Henderson has been put on the Internet by a patriotic activist: (The Baron)

A special article by Jim Saleam and Val Hale, “The Advent Of Sydney ‘Anti-Racism’ And ‘Anti-Racism’: The Case Of Matthew Henderson aka ‘Darp' can be accessed at:

Further material has been produced. Henderson’s FDB had targeted Kerry Bolton, a prominent Kiwi nationalist. Just a few weeks ago, Mr. Bolton produced Red Alert: Behind The Smear Campaign Against Australasian Nationalists. This crucial booklet has exposed the perverted sexual and occultish and anarchist cult assembling around Henderson.

It might be open to say that Henderson suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He is desperate to be seen, to be ‘avant-guard’, to be important. If that is all it was, Prozac might help him, but alas, it is more serious.

Henderson is a stalker. In the past, his FDB network in Sydney stalked and harassed two juveniles for their support of the PYL early in 2005. Henderson boasted on national television (to Anna Coren) that he had been responsible for causing the sacking of the PYL leader, Stuart McBeth from a job with the Salvation Army. Henderson has also provided material to a Sydney journalist for use in articles to intimidate people at their place of work. Henderson’s co-worker, Brian Stokes, has illegally entered a computer belonging to a Sydney man, stealing data, including personal family data. He even boasted about it on his blog site and promised to do the same in the future. On August 27, Henderson appeared outside the Sydney Forum venue with a person who was armed. Henderson slyly denies knowing the man!

In July, Henderson was interviewed by the Australian Jewish News. He said that he had the support of ‘Jewish professionals’ who sought anonymity. We are sure this group involves those who circulate around the (misnamed) intelligence network called the Anti Defamation Commission and the journal, The Review (formerly Australia-Israel Review). Unfortunately, a certain number of such persons publicly consider the ‘fight against racism’ is somehow protecting the Jewish community from the rebirth of Hitler. We think it’s another agenda. We think it has much to do with covering over the crimes of Zionist Israel (most of these people are Zionists and this ideology is utterly racist) whilst convincing locals here that they are also anti-racist good-guys. A lot of Moslems and Arabs don’t buy that.

Interestingly too, Henderson too spies on Moslem organizations. The worm was seen on national television, complete with his requisite tea-cosy hat at a ‘radical’ Moslem meeting in July 2005. The little cockroach denies it was him. Why? Was he paying for the Zionists’ assistance with FDB? Is he aware that some Islamist wild-man might just not take to the idea of Darp spying on them?

Obviously, the besieged people of Toowoomba can see that the surface ‘I love refugees’ campaigns has deeper and darker elements. It includes the organization of provocateurs, liars and sick individuals, all in the good cause. It is a case of severe moral relativism. Since ‘racism’ is bad, it is a matter of ‘anti-racism uber alles’. Anti-racism must be the primary cause.

Imposing The Dictatorship In Toowoomba: Mark Copland Of The Catholic Social Justice Commission Leads The Charge.

Mark Copland of the local Catholic Social Justice Commission a Catholic Church connected structure, has been a chief mover and shaker in imposing “diversity” upon Toowoomba.

Copland’s activities should be the subject of mass exposure campaigns amongst the people.

Copland has done his doctorate at the lMacquarie University. His thesis concerned the Aboriginal ‘stolen generation’. This was once a trendy thing to chatter about. Now we see Copland forgetting all about Aboriginal issues and jumping into action for African ‘asylum seekers’ and ‘refugees’. Whilst there were many wrongs in the Aboriginal ‘rights’ movement, there was one great principle which Australian nationalists accept: there should be justice for the Aboriginal people and a future for them where they increasingly manage their own affairs. Of necessity, we accept that Australia is not ‘One Nation’, but rather one nation (the European one) and the Aboriginal people and their descendents. If we apply the argument of race, we see we are different peoples. The cruel deception of modern times has been that the Aboriginal leadership has accepted help from white liberals; ultimately, these white liberals saw the Aboriginal movement only as a means to delegitimize the European claim upon Australia. Once this was done, the Aboriginal question could be discarded. Their objective always was to facilitate Australia’s integration with an Asian trade zone where cheap labour would be the norm.

We see this deception in the case of Copland. In the hierarchy of black skins, African refugees are the ultimate! This liberal racism assigns the Aborigines nothing. The services that might have gone to Aborigines will go to Africans and possibly other refugees - first. These white liberals show the truth: that there is no future for the Aboriginal people in a multi-racial Australia.

The mentality of this sick-unit might be discernable from a document he wrote entitled: A Politically Correct Bear. In this text, prepared as part of the brain-wash for younger people, immigration bars and border-protection are proclaimed as so much foolish and discriminatory rubbish. In this animal story, kids see that all bears are equal and nice.

Interestingly, Mark Copland will deal with any group in the pursuit of the anti-racist crusade. This is a sort of moral blindness. As we have seen above, his organization has been intimately involved in the colonization project. He has played a role in political repression.

The Kommissar Of Political Correctness:
Dr. John Casey Enters, Bringing Political Police Repressive Ideology To The Program Of ‘Open Borders’

John Casey is a Senior Lecturer at the Graduate School of Police Management at Charles Sturt University campus in -Sydney. Before joining the School, he worked as an education and social services manager in Australia, the USA and as a university lecturer in Spain A large part of his professional work has been focused on issues related to the provision of government services for immigrants and refugees. However, there is a much darker aspect to Dr. Casey’s work. But let us qualify this comment. We see it that way, as dark and sinister: men like this consider their views ‘normal’, as ‘just the way it is’. Blind to what they do, they can commit gross ‘offences’ against their country.

In this extract from one article, Dr. Casey views the multiculturalist idea as ‘normal’:

So it is all normal. Logically, any opposition to the ‘celebration’ of this diversity is not normal.

From his university resume, we read:

Meet John Casey, senior lecturer at the Australian Graduate School of Policing, Manly.

In his official capacity Dr Casey wrote a paper in 2000 called “International Experiences in Policing Multicultural Societies”. This developed upon his earlier work. In June 1996, a conference of experts on policing practices in multi-cultural societies was organized by the Rotterdam police and RADAR, a non-government anti-racist organization. This conference resulted in the drafting of a statement of principles, The Rotterdam Charter: Policing for a Multi-ethnic Society which, under the auspices of the European Union, is now being adopted by police services in a number of European countries.

This article provided an overview of international experiences in implementing programs to strengthen police-ethnic community relations, similar to those contained in the Charter. It concentrates on English-speaking countries, with particular emphasis given to the U.K. Australia and Canada These countries have a higher percentage of immigrants in their society than most industrialized countries and a longer history of addressing issues regarding policing diverse (sic) societies. After the Moslem and Arab retaliatory violence in Sydney, we can see the very-political response of the police hierarchy. What they did just didn’t drop from the sky. They covered up, obfuscated and otherwise lied about, their knowledge of Moslem/Lebanese violence. They targeted Australian youth for arrest. They talked tough, denied Australians bail, stigmatized them in the press and so forth. Was this just an effect of ‘cuddling up to the government’ or does it run deeper? We think that latter. The political activities of Dr. Casey suggest this most strongly.

Dr John Casey first came to the attention of Toowoomba patriots in September 2005. He was invited to speak at a public meeting held in Toowoomba organized by Mark Copland. In an unofficial visit Dr Casey presented to the people at the meeting a Film called “The Letter”. The movie is a semi documentary based on the invasion of the town of Lewiston in the United States by 1000 Somalis. In his speech on the background of the movie, Dr Casey compares the white nationalists of Toowoomba to White Supremacists as portrayed in this film. Stating that a similar approach of stigmatizing opposition to the program as hate and superiority ideology (as shown in the film) would be an effective way of silencing any anti multicultural feeling held by the people of the Darling Downs, Dr. Casey has left behind a program for anti-Australian action..

Casey goes on to further compare the town Lewiston to the city of Toowoomba. Dr Casey describes Lewiston Maine, as the Northern most State in the. Whitest State in that country. A play ground for the rich. He explains that some time in 2000 the United States took on thousands of Somali refugees and resettled them . Dr Casey says about this. “Some person who helped resettle them decided to settle them in the black communities of Georgia ... explained that the resettled refugees from Somalia did not like the idea of sharing with their Black African brothers in Georgia; in other words, they considered themselves to be middle class, educated people, too good to live with the poor abused Afro Americans; therefore 1000 of them decided to move to Lewiston. All of them in one hit! So the great social experiment of examining the outcomes of putting 1000 Somalis in an all white community begins. Casey explains that he has no idea how they came to choose Lewiston as their final destination but this writer has a fair idea why. It was all about confronting Americans with the new reality!

Dr. Casey is therefore not only about policing but about social engineering and he reasonbably sees the two things as inter-related.

The quote below tells us he wishes to impose the ideology within the police services:

In the struggle to impose the ideology on people, this worm wishes to have a police force available to dictate to the people.

Dr John Casey has of course, a very special agenda too. The two articles listed below tell you what it is. He wants open borders and he wants labour to freely move across the borders. We may now – quite safely – dismiss all the humanitarian blather about refugees as propaganda for capitalism. This man wants to see Sudanese labour exploited in Toowoomba. He wants to see police measures used to enforce the policy. This man will work with other liberal minded forces as a smokescreen and as a public pressure mechanism to get what he wants. This small example, personified in one man, shows us clearly what the policy line of the Australian state actually is.

Read these articles:

It gets dirtier. We see the alliance of the policeman, the capitalist, the social engineer – with the militant pseudo-leftist.

Dr John Casey works closely with Trotskyite Mark Goudkamp who belongs to the Refuge Action Coalition (RAC) . He has co hosted many functions with Mark Goudkamp in the Sydney area and all over Australia. Below are the details of one. We quote at length:

Against border protection: for the free movement of people

While Liberal dissidents and the ALP have made criticisms of the Howard government's detention regime, they preface their comments with support for strong border protection policies. This workshop will raise the ideas behind and the desirability of a world without borders. What would it take to achieve such a world?

John Casey & Mark Goudkamp
Refugee Action Coalition

WHERE TO NOW? Building the next phase of the refugee movement
A forum for refugee activists and advocates

The refugee movement has had partial victories against the government, but the policy framework remains largely intact. The Where to Now Forum will bring together participants from different organisations to analyse the current situation and exchange ideas about future directions for the refugee movement. This will largely be a NSW-based meeting (interstate people obviously welcome). We hope it will lead to a national forum next year. Morning workshops will focus on background political topics, while the afternoon will concentrate on strategic and pracical aspects of the campaign.The Forum will seek to publish a joint communiqué, provisionally titled A Call for Real Change, and will discuss possible future joint actions. At the same time, the Forum will respect the independence of participating organisations and will primarily serve as an opportunity for networking and information exchange.Speakers include: John Highfield (former ABC radio presenter), Phil Glendenning - (Edmund Rice Centre), Louise Newman (TBC), Susan Metcalfe (Rural Australians for Refugees), David Francis (House of Welcome), Ali (former Nauru detainee), Refugee Advice and Casework Service, Refugee Action Coalition.

Intended Audience Refugee activists and advocates, although people who are becoming involved for the first time are also welcome.
When? Saturday 22 October (10am-4pm)
Where? Rooms C129-131, UTS Markets Campus, Quay St (opposite Paddy’s Markets), Haymarket
Cost? Entry by donation

Contact John Casey
phone 02 9934 4828 (w), 02 9411 1657 (h)

Mark Goudkamp
mobile 0422078376

We also quote from the Trotskyite paper Green Left Weekly, with whom this para-policeman seems quite happy to also associate:

The reader can see that Dr Casey is a prominent figure in the Multicultural scene. His connections alone warrant concern for all nationalists. In his capacity he has the ways and means to assist anti-white campaigners such as Mathew Henderson and the Fight Dem Back anarchists and the Trotskyites. If these groups harass patriotic people in Toowoomba, will Dr. Casey take any responsibility?. Strong indications show that since the conception of FDB, Dr John Casey and the likes of Mark Copland have been actively working with the marxist rabble to push their own agenda. This nexus is a crucial one which needs also to be understood by all patriotic people.

The Refugee Action Coalition: Trotskyites At State Service

It is very hard for ordinary Aussies to understand (and equally difficult even for political activists and commentators to appreciate), that a movement of the extreme-left as the Trotskyite fraction maintains itself to be, actually serves big business. These followers of Leon Trotsky’s brand of communism make up the guts of the Refugee Action Coalition (RAC); they were the street mobs which were organized against Pauline Hanson and they provide the foot-soldiers for every ‘anti-racist’ mobilization. They spend their time ‘exposing’ and propagandizing against the nationalist and patriotic forces. On occasion, they threaten us with violence.

And it is the activism of the RAC which has pushed to open the detention centres and free up the borders. On the surface, RAC breaks the criminal law (as we shall show), but at another level, their activism allows the conservative Howard government to facilitate the development of the refugee program, making the Liberal government a beneficiary of this activism!!!

Consider how Stephen Jolly, a top Trotskyite put it, letting the whole game out of the bag. In his Refugees, Racism And Capitalism In Australia, he actually confessed:

At last! Mr Jolly, please explain, please explain, please explain! Does this mean, if we strip away the rhetoric, that Jolly (among others) used their Trotskyite networks to call out (bamboozle) young people, incited them to act violently, in a defacto alliance with the capitalists against Hanson? That is exactly what Jolly means. His confession is our point here. On occasion the capitalists use people like Jolly; in other periods they are free actors who can upset the major parties and require to be leashed again. This is a very dynamic method and it’s been going on for a long time.

The Trotskyites believe that the quicker capitalism goes global, the quicker comes the world revolution. It is a fantasy which means that this sizeable sector of ‘radical’ opinion ends up serving the very system it says it is against.

Now lets have a look into Dr John Casey’s co-worker for RAC Mark Goudkamp.

From the Green Left Weekly, we read.

Refugee-rights activists raided

Sarah Stephen, Sydney

Early on the morning of December 1, Refugee Action Coalition activist Mark Goudkamp got a knock on his door. He opened it to find eight Australian Federal Police officers and immigration department officials.

The AFP officers had a warrant to search his home. They summonsed him to appear in court on a charge of "making a false statement in the course of supporting an application for an Australian passport", that is, helping asylum seekers to obtain false passports so they could leave Australia and avoid being deported by finding a country that could offer them asylum.

"The Howard government is attempting to go on the offensive after winning an election that had nothing to do with refugees", Goudkamp told Green Left Weekly two days after the raid. "They've been tightening the screws on those held in detention, detaining more kids, attempting to deport people back to torture, and now they think they can get away with harassing refugee activists."

Goudkamp is one of four people who have been served notices to appear at the Downing Centre Local Court on January 11 asked to enter a plea for the same offence, conviction for which carries a maximum penalty of two years' jail or a $5000 fine. The fifth person will appear at the Parramatta Local Court on January 12.

On the same day as the Sydney raid, a dozen AFP and immigration department officers raided refugee-rights activist Ian Rintoul's house in Brisbane, spending almost eight hours searching through his belongings, and taking away at least 50 bags of literature. They also searched his Sydney house. Rintoul has not been charged.

According to Goudkamp, the pretext for these police raids was the escape of some 50 asylum seekers from the Woomera detention centre in March and June 2002.

"Many of the Woomera escapees were told they weren't refugees, yet many in similar circumstances who remained in detention have since been found to be refugees", he said. "It's criminal they were ever locked up in the first place and it's understandable why anyone with a heart would do whatever it takes to support these people, whether or not it is against the law."

At the time of the escapes, an editorial in the July 1 Canberra Times pointed to the morally just cause of those who assisted the escapees. "Those involved in helping organise escapes, and later in sheltering those who have escaped, are clearly and knowingly breaking the law", it said. "But they do not see that they are doing anything wrong, even in breaking the law. A higher moral issue is involved, and for most the thought of jail or other punishment is hardly likely to deter. That they are acting, as they and many others would see it, unselfishly clearly separates their civil disobedience from ordinary criminal conduct."

Remember, the Trotskyites serve the system is a special way. If these scum are unleashed against the people’s resistance in Toowoomba, they will have state support, media support. Of course, how this will mesh with ordinary Catholics who Mr. Copland wants to get in on the act, cannot be predicted. The presence of Darp already makes the arrangement smell.

For A Community First People’s Resistance!

The people of Toowoomba must resist the disaster which is planned for them. They have a moral right to resist. They can resist as individuals, within the community and its social and cultural groups - and in organized political ways. Unfortunately, it is a long-term resistance which means the rules are different to those of the sharp campaign. As it is a protracted campaign, there is no quick fix and anyone seeking such a thing would be soon disappointed. It means too that the liberal camp will seek to chip away at the resistance, to target groups, individuals and their resources, but more perversely, so alter the situation on the ground, that the ordinary citizen may lose the will to resist.

Most of all we shall campaign therefore to strike away at the liberal camp in the same way it would strike at us. That is the only way the resistance can be kept alive for years and continue to grow until it is the formal majority (as distinct from the ‘silent’ majority).

Ten Questions Demanding Answers:

  1. Is the Catholic Church concerned that it is involved with a blaspheming, sexually deranged and obvious crank, in the person of Matthew Henderson?

  2. What role is played by the Trotskyite communist gangs and ‘refugee advocacy’ campaigns in Toowoomba?

  3. Is the attack on the people of Toowoomba also part of a security program, driven in part by Dr. John Casey?

  4. Will the Toowoomba council detail in full the extent of its involvement in the refugee settlement program?

  5. Is the water recycling scheme of Toowoomba Council linked to the refugee settlement program?

  6. Will Mark Copland of the Catholic Social Justice Commission break with the Matthew Henderson group and any Trotskyite communists?

  7. Will the Catholic Social Justice Commission explain why it has allocated resources to refugee settlement, ignoring other welfare needs, particularly Aboriginal welfare?

  8. Why has Aboriginal input into the debate been utterly ignored or are they a group now to be ignored and sidelined by the liberal elites?

  9. Was The Australian newspaper involved, via Greg Roberts, in creating a false impression of the people’s resistance movement in Toowoomba?

  10. Will the local media stop harassing patriotic people and properly and honestly allow debate of the facts.

The people of Toowoomba are not ‘racists’; they are realists. It is our desire to mobilize the good people of Toowoomba against the liberal minority, root them out of city hall, chase them from the churches and community groups and render this city a veritable Refugee Free Zone, a Multiculturalism Free City, an Australian People’s Autonomous Zone!

This is a political war. We intend to fight this struggle, beginning now and with the resources we’ve got. In the name of ANZAC, Kokoda , Eureka, and the great revolt at Barcaldine in 1891 (the foundation point of the great white Australian Labour party), we will serve the Australian people to protect their heritage that it may be passed on to new generations.