Trotskyites Threaten Violence Against Patriots: A Report On The 'Resisting The Far Right' Meeting, Sydney, July 17

We have edited the report of our agent 'Linda' who attended a meeting of the Trotskyite 'Socialist Alternative' in Sydney on July 17; we have added other commentary from Dr. Jim Saleam. The report says:

Dear Chairman,

Upon your direction, I attended the Socilaist Alternative (SA) meeting 'Resisting The Far Right'. The venue was the SA offices at 246 King Street Newtown. As usual, I was outfitted and styled in such a way that I melded in with both the usual suspects and the curious. I have been studying Trotskyism and am better able now to appreciate the particularities of Trotskyite organisations\ and can now chit-chat as necessary.

I naturally helped myself to SA's publications, which I provide for the assessment of the party committee.

I would describe the meeting::

The meeting was attended by some 45 persons. I record below certain names and I am currently engaged in putting surnames to them. I will access our photo files for matches and blend in my new data with other records .You have requested previously (where possible) that our section updtaes residential addresses and other useful data. Overall, this meeting was purposful to these ends.

Aside from SA members and other leftists with the usual green hair, gay rights badges, Lenin shirts, there were some Chinese and Indian persons whom I understand to be university students (one of the Indians was particularly vocal). I also observed two ASIO agents who are on our files and who acknowledged a man in the audience.

The meeting was chaired by "Josh". I describe him, as a late 20's male with light brown hair in a pony tail and beard.

The main speaker was Jordan, 20's, glasses and beard, another Trotsky look-alike.

An assistant was "Zoe". A slight, pale, blone, with the customary ring through the nose who wore a 'Boycott Israel' T-shirt.

Patrick, 20's beard and brown hair was on the door and ahelped by "Cathy", 20's, glasses, light brown hair.

My main feast of the night was "Diane" who I identify as Diane Fieldes, a long-time Trotskyite, regarded by a couple of meeting-participants to whom I spoke as a guiding star of Sydney Trotskyism.

The main talk was delivered by Jordan; it was a long address on the nature of fascism as it presented in the 1930's and 1940's. Jordan presented the usual Trotskyite argument that the middle class was feeling squeezed by economic criisis and became militant against the workers and that the main left party of the time, the Communist Party, failed to build a united front with social democrats and other worker groups to keep fascism out of power. Fascism was - of course - always the tool of the capitalist class agianst the workers. Fascist parties were said to have overwhelmingly middle class memberships who were utilized by the capitalists as the violent activists.

Upon your advice to draw Trotskyites out in private discussion, I have read into some aspects of fascism that showed it was equipped with a very large working class base in some countries and peasants in others. I used my knowledge to interpret some of the remarks made as the speaker moved into the present. Indeed, it seems that the Trotskyites do not conceive of Australian nationalism as a movement of the traditional 'workers' and other working people and they retain their narrow focus on the "middle class".

The meeting was very preoccupied with the Greek party, Golden Dawn, and much was made of the urgent need to build a broad movement against it. Ironically, very little was said about Australia, save a reference to the extreme "violence" of the former 1980's National Action and how Pauline Hanson was defeated in the streets. It was said that the Greek communists would not bloc against Golden Dawn and were consequently - facilitating its rise. It was said that the alternate Left had to take the initiative.

The question time and discussion drew out much more.

A clear threat of violence came from Diane Fieldes. She said (adopting Trotsky's phrase) that it was "necessary to introduce the heads of the fascists to the pavement." It seemed she was also speaking about Australia. Diane spoke with vehemence. Her view was endorsed.

One speaker said that Hansonism provided the lesson which had drawn on how the earlier British National Front was supposedly defeated in the 1970's. Mobilization and confrontation was said to be the key.

Of course, some suggested it was theTrotskyites who had provided the main street level oppostion to Hanson and other patriotic formations. II know that we both accept that this was true.

An official from the Teachers' Union, "Heidi", who said she was involved in the pro refugee campaigns said unions had to get involved.

I did find it amusing that one speaker said that Gina Rinehart would fund a future Australian fascism. But that seemed to add to their sense of iurgency.

The meeting did not end with any specific proposal to demonstrate or "mobilize" against Australia First Party and other groups (Sydney Forum? One Nation? etc). However, it is clear that the intention is there and it is only a matter of time. It is equally clear that the Trotskyites wish to play at violence.

Upon your advice, I shall be attending other Socilaist Alternative meetings from time to time.


Comment: By Jim Saleam

Our agent has identified the essential point that the Trotskyites preserve their fascination with 'fascism', a category into which they lump Australia First and related formations. Without acceding to their descriptions, we can still learn much about their reaction to ourselves by 'accepting' their logic. They will attempt to mobilze immigrants from the Third World, leftist parties of all sorts, anti racist (sic) groups, certain liberally minded church groups and the trade union bureaucracy (which substitutes for the real workers) against us. In their rhetoric, there'll be a lot about Hitler and Mussolini and the workers being drowned in blood and war and the Nazis' campaign on the Jews. All that was historic Trotskyism.

Yet it is also part of the cultic myth of Trotskyism. If only Saint Leon (Trotsky) had been calling the shots in world communism and not Joe Stalin, he would have defeated the fascists with his clever strategies. It seems that the Trotskyites are ahistorical, winding history back to another time and place and fighting a dead fight to prove how right they were - and they then impose that construct on modern circumstances. No wonder they fail to understand the Australian nationalists and no wonder they are 'useful idiots' (if I can steal Lenin's phrase).

I found it also 'amusing' that someone at the meeting thought that Gina Rinehart would fund 'fascism'. Great, a phone call and the millions ,might folow. But alas, once Gina asked, "what is your programme?" and I said, "to nationalize your wealth and expel your contract workers", one could imagine that a romance might not bloom.

However, let us take a dialectical approach (excuse too, my use of this marxist phrase). I could also see a scenario that it is possible for any group or individual to fund groups or persons with whom they have fundamental disagreements if their aim is a different one. The German General Staff funded Lenin and the CIA funded Osama bin Laden. Perhaps a Rinehart might fund a party that simply created a certain chaos around issues, to sidetrack oppositon to her other plans and so forth.

Why did I say that? Because opposites can use each other and perhaps our well-meaning leftists should think some of it through. Nonetheless in my argument as I would develop it, the 'opposites' before us aren't so opposite. Is it so, because the bosses's flag is red!

The Australian capitalists want globalism and open borders. They want the multiracial and multicultural society and the free-movement of capiral and labour. They want the ultimate creation of a world system that creates a world culture and which merges humanity into one brown man and one future. The Trotskyites agree with that vision. Of course, the capitalists want to keep the dollars and the Trotskyites want to 'share' it, but ideologically they are quite close together. That allows for a peculiar nexus beneath the folds of the red flag.

Could capitalists see Trotskyites as useful idiots agianst the workers who have a country? Who want to keep their 'racist' (sic) identity? Who want to protect Australian industry? Who want to close borders and develop an economy for Australians?

During the Hanson furore, it was the capitalisr media and the capitalist Labor Party which encouraged the Trotskyites. In times past, Trotskyites have even made blocs with the Zionists against Australians accused of fascism (so much for Boycott Israel). They will do just about anything to live out their anti fascist cultism.

In other words, it is the Trotskyites who are the fascists by parts of their own definition. It is the Trotskyites who will gather up the dross of society and their coteries of middle class students and public servants and throw them into the streets at the people's cause which is ultimately to win Australian independence.

The Trotskyites threaten the nationalists with our heads colliding with the pavement. So far, we have not threatened them. The Trotskyites demand action. Are we on the edge of a new era of confronational politics? If that is so, it is a duel that we must win. Thankfully, through our understanding Trotskyite anti fascism we know the game plan - and who pays the bills.

Once again, Linda is to be commended for her work.