Australia First Party And Its Relationship With Other Australian Patriotic Parties And Groups
Management Committee, September 1 2009

The following statement was approved by the management committee of the party on September 1. It is now published.

The Australia First Party is to apply soon to register as a Federal party,

It is expected the application with the Australian Electoral Commission will succeed.

The success of this application will change the standing of the Australia First Party (currently a registered party in New South Wales and an incorporated body) within the broad Australian nationalist, patriotic and freedom movement. The achievement of registration must spur the development of the party politically and organizationally. Its expansion is certain.

It is therefore of some urgency that the party states clearly how it would prefer its dealings with other organisations to be conducted and what relationships should otherwise be developed.

The Australia First Party recognises that different parties and groups exist for a multitude of reasons. These reasons can include: geographic circumstance, particular historical factors, previous organisational histories, the inter-relationships of people and sometimes - internecine struggles that are to be regretted, but which are all too human.

The Australia First Party declares that it will treat the other organisations of Australian nationalist, patriotic and freedom movement this way:

1. Negotiate with any would-be candidate to avoid electoral competition.

2. Assist, when requested, other parties etc. in an electorate or council area where Australia First has no candidate.

3. Develop united activist campaigns on public issues or on other fronts, and do this in a consultative and cooperative spirit.

4. Exchange intelligence on disruptive elements or state or other programs which undermine the integrity of the movement.

5. Avoid all unnecessary, unreasonable comment on other movements; but point out fairly and reasonably, what any differences may be, whenever appropriate.

The Australia First Party will always maintain its independence and initiative in any united front arrangement and will act to secure its interests. Nonetheless, it does accept that the times require a flexible and co-operative attitude.

Certainly, the general goal of the Australia First Party is to unite all nationalist and activist minded people into a single party and then to seek further working arrangements with whatever forces may thereafter exist for whatever reasons outside of the party's ambit. The party's aim is indeed to impose order where we detect diffuseness and to give focus where we note disarray.

Nonetheless, the party reasons that such a general goal can not be reached by a self-proclamation of virtue, but is decided upon only in the political field where its ideological position and political line progressively gain hegemony. No other organisation should feel anything else than a sense of relief that the position is made clear.

In the interim, and given that the fair contest of parties and other forces will continue, the Australia First Party has concluded that the only practical way whereby all may learn of each other and build the necessary bonds and links which allow for final unity, is to work confederally to construct a practical unity in struggle.

The Australia First Party awaits the favourable responses of all, noting that each is judged by the others by their response.